Identifying Champions for Faith-Filled Change


The Opus Prize Foundation recognizes leaders through a diligent and time-tested process. Catholic university partners are a crucial part of this, hosting the prize and conducting thorough due diligence. Through these partnerships, students are challenged to think globally and live lives of service.


Opus Prize finalists are:

·      Individuals or organizations who champion faith-filled change

·      Doing work aligned with the mission and values of the Opus Prize

·      Committed to successfully transforming lives

·      Working anywhere in the world

·      Motivated by any faith or religion

·      Able to benefit significantly from the monetary award and recognition


The Opus Prize Foundation uses a confidential process to nominate and select Opus Prize recipients.

The Prize is given to an organization in honor of the winner. The organization must be a legally incorporated, nongovernmental, publicly recognized charitable organization with IRS tax-exempt status or the international equivalent.