Jubilee House Community & Center for the Development of Central America

Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

In 1978, Michael Woodard, a Presbyterian minister, formed a community of service workers called the Jubilee House Community, who created shelters for the homeless and battered women. In 1993, the Jubilee House Community formed the Center for the Development of Central America and relocated to Nicaragua. There, Michael and his staff began to work in Ciudad Sandino, a densely populated city that was home to many victims of natural disasters.

After spending a year assessing needs and meeting with residents to determine sustainable opportunities, Michael and his team organized initiatives in the areas of health, education, micro-credit loans, agriculture, sustainable economic development and technology. Michael and his staff have helped organize and reinvigorate local economies.

Important strides have also been made in addressing the shortcomings of healthcare in the region. The Center for the Development of Central America built a health clinic, and in response to patient demand, they opened another facility devoted to women’s health and installed a dental clinic. These facilities have provided care for more than 11,000 patients.