The Opus Prize is an annual award recognizing individuals or organizations who champion faith-filled change.

The Opus Prize is given not only to expand the humanitarian efforts of the recipient, but to inspire others to pursue lives of service. The $1 million award and two $100,000 prizes make up one of the world's largest faith-based awards for social entrepreneurship.

Opus Prize laureates combine the spirit of innovation with amazing faith to inspire long-term, local solutions to address poverty and injustice. Opus Prize laureates prove change is possible, empowering and inspiring us all.

While the Opus Prize Foundation partners with Catholic universities to award the Prize, the individual or organization receiving it may have roots in any faith.

The Opus Prize is awarded on college campuses, providing an opportunity to inspire a new generation of leaders. Through identifying Opus Prize finalists, students build meaningful connections, experience personal transformation and are challenged to live lives of service.

Opus Prize finalists are leaders who carry an unshakable faith, believing the problems they see around them not only can be resolvedthey will.