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In the northern district of Karonga, Malawi, Sr. Beatrice Chipeta operates the Lusubilo Orphan Care Project, which empowers individuals facing hunger and HIV/AIDS. Lusubilo now supports four areas in the Karonga region.

Lusubilo sponsors a service program designed to empower individuals to care for each other. The agency invests in formula for malnourished infants, trains young mothers in nutrition and infant care, underwrites community-based child-care centers, oversees agriculture programs, sponsors vocational training and staffs classrooms and a residential facility for 70 orphans.

Sr. Beatrice leads Lusubilo Orphan Care Project with a spirit of gratitude and hope, combined with a commitment to improving the lives of others. With Sr. Chipeta’s leadership, the people of Karonga support more than 9,000 orphaned children and 800 vulnerable family members each year.