The values of the Opus Prize Foundation are apparent in the recipients of the Prize, and are embedded in the following selection criteria:

Social Entrepreneurship

These innovators have the clear vision and ethical commitment necessary to drive change. The Opus Prize seeks to recognize faith-based social entrepreneurs who go beyond the immediate problem to fundamentally change individuals, families and communities.

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Transformational Leadership

Opus Prize laureates are agents of change who motivate others to do more than what initially seems possible. She or he leads in a way resulting in the transformation of their community as a whole.

Sustainable Change

The Opus Prize Foundation recognizes the impact of organizations that provide direct services to those in need. The Prize focuses on honoring individuals who are successfully addressing the root of social problems in ways that drive locally-owned, short- and long-term change.

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Faith is not restricted to a church, synagogue, temple or mosque—it is revealed in prayer, thought, commitment to justice and service of those in need. Prize recipients demonstrate faith through their principles, actions and belief that human life at every stage is sacred.

Unsung Heroes

Often, those impacting their communities are not widely known. They work quietly and humbly, focused on bringing change. The Prize identifies “unsung heroes,” without broad recognition and financial support, acting as a catalyst to bring support to the individual’s organization, inviting attention and investment.


Life of Service

Opus Prize recipients demonstrate through actions their belief in the value of each person, and that a person’s faith is evidenced by their commitment to justice and compassion for others.

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