atelie de ideias

vitoria, brazil

Leonara Mol founded Ateliê de Idéias, which offers hope and opportunity to marginalized populations in Brazil. The organization has grown rapidly by responding to the needs of people. Early on, Leonora offered courses in sewing, cooking and woodworking, and later started a community development bank.

To date, Leonora and her team have established 17 community development banks, and hope to build 20 more banks in the next five years. Loans are made to start or expand small businesses, build or remodel homes and assist families in emergency situations. The organization has also led a community cleanup of 216 garbage dumps in eight neighborhoods.

Leonora has spent her life working to address injustices experienced by people living in the favelas of Brazil. The work of Leonora and her organization is focused on promoting the dignity and value of all human life, particularly families living in poverty. She is an advocate, working every day to improve lives.