Land for Tillers' Freedom

Tamil Nadu, India

Krishnammal Jagannathan and her husband founded Land for Tillers’ Freedom (LAFTI) in 1981 to work toward justice and land rights for the Dalit class in Tamil Nadu through housing and farmland provisions. LAFTI operates skills workshops and helps those without land to purchase it through loans and work opportunities, allowing them to become self-sufficient.

Through LAFTI, Krishnammal has negotiated subsidies and reduced-interest bank loans to purchase land. Because of LAFTI’s exceptional results, the Indian government is considering the implementation of LAFTI’s approach throughout India. The communities have benefited from educational and outreach opportunities, promoting wasteland development, self-employment and environmental protection.

With dignity and vision spirit, Krishnammal is improving the living conditions and the future of people in the Dalit class. LAFTI has changed the lives of more than 13,000 families, giving them opportunities to guide their own futures.