Roots Community Health Clinic

Oakland, California

Dr. Jason Reinking serves as a physician on the Street Outreach Medical Program (STOMP), a branch of Roots, which brings health care to impoverished people living on the streets of Oakland. Dr. Reinking is pioneering flexible medical services designed to meet the needs of the homeless, who are often unaware of their health care options or adverse to traditional brick-and-mortar clinics. STOMP is building relationships with a distrustful demographic by meeting underserved men and women where they are and healing them without judgment.

Dr. Noha Aboelata is the founder and CEO of both Roots Community Health Center and the Roots Community Health Alliance. She is an experienced leader and manager of health care institutions and an advocate dedicated to eliminating health disparities among low-income populations in East Oakland and surrounding communities. Dr. Aboelata has defined her career with  an unwavering commitment to increasing health care  access for the residents of underserved communities.